20 years of living in different countries, cultures and meeting inspiring people as well as working with architects have resulted in this website with aesthetic and simple products.

Aneta & Martine stay behind Charmière (Charming Light)

Aneta & Martine, we are friends who share passion to architecture, interior design, art and minimalism.

We live and operate internationally knowing the most popular languages, in our free time we enjoy the nature and life, we paint, draw and take photos.

Charmière represents the brand where art of light is expressed by applied or commercial Art. The focus of Charmière is about the uniqueness of emotions created by the interior lighting systems.

The Atelier

Glassblowing appeared in 300 BC and originated in the countries of western Asia and spread throughout Europe. The technique has remained almost the same to the present day.

Handmade mouth blown glass is the practice of shaping a mass of glass that has been softened by heat by blowing air into it through a tube. There are no two identical objects made in this way, each one is beautiful and unique.

Our lamps are made in a small manufacture. Here craftsmanship experience creates intermingled contemporary designs. Each lamp represents a unique piece of art.

Our Unique Products